Chisel Basics

BlogFeature The article just released to members of 360 Woodworking (if you’d like to read it – just click here to become a member) is called “All About Chisels.” The title could’ve just as easily been Chisel Basics because in the article Ron Herman shows and describes a number of chisels as he expands our knowledge on the design of specific chisels, how chisels got their names and which chisel design, tang or socket, is better for dovetails and which is best to use as a paring chisel?

Another tip Ron shares in this article, which includes a 40+ minute video, is how a tool’s length can shed light on its intended use. If, however, you let chisel length be your sole guiding light, you may end up with a chisel that was re-purposed; older, worn out or broken mill chisels (from where do you think that name came?) are sometimes shortened and sharpened into chisels that resemble butt chisels. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Ron has the answer, so you make the most of your woodworking dollars.

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— Glen D. Huey



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