Changes & Wharton Esherick – 360w360 E.157

WE_KS_PromoIn this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, the 360 guys talk about some of the changes to the 360 with 360 WoodWorking podcast and they give you a little insight on a documentary about one of the most influential woodworkers of our time – Wharton Esherick.

Join the guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck & Glen, and sometimes a surprise guest, all have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun.

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4 thoughts on “Changes & Wharton Esherick – 360w360 E.157

  1. Nice update to the podcast. 360 is perfect to listen to during breakfast. And the new 60 will be cool for lazy days or when stuck in a hotel. Will the 60 podcast be accessed through the 360w360 portal or will it be started at another area.

    All good stuff gentlemen, thanks


    1. 60 with 360 will show up on the same RSS feed as 360 with 360. And why is it that I get the impression you’re going to use 60 as an opportunity for a nap? At least you didn’t say 6 minutes was too long. Glad you’re listening and happy you like what you hear.

  2. Not overly enthusiastic with having to listen to commercials when spending $100.00 for a membership, but I understand business is business.
    You have a lot of competition for doing a longer podcast, but I think you’ll be able to hold your own easily.
    Time will tell.

    I appreciate the amount of work Chuck has put into re-doing the website, podcasts and so on.
    And you guys are easy to listen to and learn from.

    The Wharton Esherick thing sounds really exciting and I can’t wait for the documentary to come out.

    Good luck with all of it.


    1. Eric,

      The podcast has always been free to everyone – no membership required (not even a Free one). One of the things on the roadmap is to set up the paid members with early access to the podcasts because everyone likes it so much. I might even be able to set it up so you guys get it commercial-free. The sponsorships help pay for the extra time and effort it takes to produce the podcasts and the hosting costs. They’re also making it possible for us to do the longer show, but we will never have ads inside the content for our paid members. But, as a paid member, there might come a time where you’ll greatly appreciate our sponsors who advertise on the free side of our site…

      And I know you’re not “enthusiast(ic), you’re a Fanatic! 😉

      The longer podcast is simply in response to the numbers of people who’ve said they love the 6 minute version and wish there was a longer one. In fact, one of the reviews on iTunes states, “The only suggestions I have are: 1. change the name to “45 minutes with 360 woodworking”…” We gotta give the people what they want.

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