Casual Conversation with Ron Herman

In every issue to date, 360 Woodworking has included an article by Ron Herman. Are we nuts, or is there something this guy has to offer? The best way to tell which is which is to hear his story to discover what makes him tick and how he came to know what he knows. It wasn’t an easy path, but it was a path taken by a few lucky woodworkers.

Ron is the fourth generation to control the reins of Antiquity Builders of Ohio (ABO), a family business with a confusing name. Originally, the business, first started by Ron’s great-great uncle, was based on the idea that anything built would last for more than one generation. Because the company has been around so long, and collected the tools throughout the years, it is able to work in the period, or do historical restoration. Today, some customers think that the name reflects that ability.

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