3 thoughts on “Carve a Scallop Shell

  1. Can you talk about the importance of grain direction? I see the pattern was traced so the grain is horizontal.

    1. Tony,

      I went into a little more detail about the grain direction in the full-length video than in the article, but shells can be carved with the grain running in either direction. The reason I chose to run the grain across the shell is it gives you the best opportunity to actually see dramatic grain-direction shifts. With the grain running top to bottom on the shell, it’s often hard to tell which direction you need to carve. Because I intended the carving exercise to be for beginners, I wanted to ensure you had the least amount of difficultly figuring out the grain direction.

  2. Chuck,
    That was a great video.
    I learned a lot and plan to give one of those Scallop Shells a try.
    Maybe as an embellishment for a cool upcoming project.

    This kind of stuff makes the yearly membership all the more worthwhile.


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