Bosch Unveils Reaxx

IMG_5866At the last Woodworking Show for 2016, in Kansas City, Bosch pulled out all the stops to showcase its Reaxx table saw. If you’ve been living under a rock for some time and are not current with Reaxx, it is Bosch’s newest table saw that features flesh-detecting technology – there are two players now in the “safer tablesaw” market. Woodworkers have a choice.

The differences with Reaxx are many. To me, the biggest difference is that I can have the additional safety of a machine that shuts down if it detects my hand touching the blade, plus I save my blade. The only other table saw in this category shoots a piece of aluminum into the blade, which, for the most part, ruins your blade. It turns it into a  paperweight that costs you between $50 to $125. With the Bosch unit, your blade is untouched.

Under the screw-in cap sits the cartridge ready to push down the blade assembly when necessary.

Another difference is that the Reaxx cartridge has two firings (for $99) before having to be swapped out for a replacement. And the work is completed at the top of the unit where it’s easily accessed. You don’t need to reach down into the guts of the saw to make a switch.

A third distinction is that on the Bosch Reaxx, there is only one cartridge needed; you do not need a different cartridge when using a dado stack.

According to Stevens, the new Reaxx tablesaw will be available on June 1st, 2016. Including the gravity-rise mobile base, Reaxx is priced at $1499.

In the video below, Bosch senior product manager, Jim Stevens, runs through the Reaxx from start (contact with a human flesh stand in) to finish (through the cartridge change and ready to work again). The entire process is quick and easy.

— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Bosch Unveils Reaxx

  1. Not saying Sawstop isn’t a great saw.
    Everything I’ve heard about them is positive, from fit & finish to the obvious safety tech.
    BUT, I have to go with the Bosch because of the very things you mention, like two shots in one cartridge and the obvious advantage of not having to replace my very expensive “good” blade and so on.
    I was hoping that this machine would become available before I recently purchased a new saw.
    (I just couldn’t afford the Sawstop.)
    But down the road, if I replace my current saw, I think I’m going to the Bosch.
    (Or something of equivalent value for the money spent.)

    The safety technology is a great added helper besides me paying attention to where my fingers are.

    Thanks Glen.

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