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IMG_5943Almost every woodworker has extra table saw blades, or at least blades for a variety of tasks. How you store those blades is important. If they bang around in a drawer, you’re sure to dull the carbide tips, if not knock one completely off. Options are available.

The first option is to store the blades in a drawer where the individual blades are separated so that the tips are not touching. That’s one option we use here in the shop for blades that are still being put to use. We have 10″ full-kerf blades, plus a couple of blades that are smaller in diameter that are used for special purposes. Think thin blades for ripping banding and inlay.

Another option is to keep your blades in the cardboard packages in which they came. While we do have a few of the original packages lying around, that’s not a habit I’ve followed on a regular basis. Unless you write on the outside of the package you have to open the cardboard to see what’s inside.

IMG_0663As we toured The Woodworking Shows this past year, the folks at Woodpecker had a nifty way to protect and hang saw blades when not in use. Their Bladesaver Guard & Hanger wraps the blade and ends with a hook that makes it easy to store in the shop. The tough ABS plastic keeps the carbides from accidentally bumping another blade or a drawer side if you store them away. Plus, your hands are protected from the sharp tips.

In the past, I stored my extra blades on a nail stuck in the shop wall. This doesn’t keep the tips from banging together, but most of the time the blades I’m swapping out have lived past their prime. One of my bad habits is to run with a blade well beyond it’s usefulness. That’s not good, but it does make you appreciate how a new, sharp blade changes your cuts.

How do you store your table saw blades? Do you use one of these option, or have a different method? Let us know.

— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “Blade Storage Options

  1. I have them individually wrapped in paper, but I think one of those nice diagonally slotted drawer holders is going to get built after completing my current project.
    Blades cost too much to let get damaged carelessly.

  2. I keep the original packaging.

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