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I just posted a new presentation by Ron Herman for members at Way back in 2017 (sure seems like a long time ago, huh?) Ron did a video on braces and drills. The new release, Bits & Bit Stock dovetails into the 2017 presentation.

While his short video is packed with great hand-tool information, as is always the case, what I found particularly interesting about this video is how in-depth Ron gets as he differentiates between Jennings and Irwin bracing bit patterns – one is faster when excavating a hole, but that increased excavation comes at a price. He also explains that one company’s bits are cast then ground, and the other company produced its bits as flat pieces of metal that were heated and twisted into shape.

Plus, did you know that there are different lead screw designs? Yeah, I did, too. But I did not know there is also a third lead screw often found with theses tools.

Along the way Ron doles out tricks and tips he’s used for many years, but it’s not all about bracing bits. Ron talks about other tool selections that can smack the old right out of your brace and turn it into a modern-day woodworking tool.

If you’re a member, log in and spend time with Ron Herman. If you’re not a member, go here and join. You’ll be glad you did.

— Glen D. Huey

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