The Best Woods for Upholstery – 360w360 E.241

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, Mike Mascelli is back to talk more on upholstery. Along with the longevity of good-quality furniture and upholstery work, Mike talks about the best woods to use for frames that are to be upholstered – it’s all about lumber that allows and holds tacks and staples. But you’re not giving up any structural integrity.

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How Long Should Upholstered Furniture Last

If you’re after information on what materials to use on your upholstered furniture, Mike Mascelli is the guy to ask. In this podcast Mike tells us about foams and latex – did you know that Henry Ford purchase a rubber tree farm to make sure he had latex for tires? He also discusses the best woods for your chair frames – you don’t have to sacrifice wood strength to make your upholsterer happy. In addition, Mike pulls down the curtain on leather, and how companies are making a hybrid product that’s often sold as leather.

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One thought on “The Best Woods for Upholstery – 360w360 E.241

  1. Another really interesting segment.
    You can tell Mike really knows his stuff.

    Thanks Glen.

    Keep up the great work.

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