Awkward Show Remarks – 360w360 E.209

Awkward show remarks sometimes happen at large, crowded events.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking the 360 guys talk about awkward show remarks.

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Awkward Show Remarks

When you’ve travelled to furniture shows for as many years as Glen and Chuck, you end up meeting lots of people. Most are appreciative of the work being done, but some come out with the oddest questions and statements. Some are downright hilarious, while others are nasty and hurtful. Be careful what you say out there because someone might just be listening.

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3 thoughts on “Awkward Show Remarks – 360w360 E.209

  1. Most of the guys in my guild have degrees and are engineers, scientists, and high-tech physicists.
    Hell, we actually have a real live rocket scientist!
    (He says they call it ” a flight dynamics engineer”)
    But, besides being a super nice and quiet guy, he is one of the smartest guys I know.

    But as far as woodworking is concerned, it is a very enjoyable hobby or profession.
    Interesting post fellas.

  2. Not all people who have degrees are really smart and not all people who are really smart have degrees.


    1. True, but so much of our society is focused strictly on a singular path, hence the mother’s statement. Follow your passion rather than a path, and the rest becomes the subject of a Frost poem.

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