Weekend Coffee Table


If you’ve been bitten by the woodworking bug, chances are that you and I look at furniture the same way. Whenever I look at piece online or in a brick-and-mortar store my inner voice says, “I can build that.” Trouble takes hold when that voice also says, “I need that in my house.”

While scouring through some of my favorite furniture websites, I ran across a coffee table that caught my attention. I’m into tables that are strong and make a statement. As you probably guessed, my inner voice spit out those above two phrases immediately. I grabbed my calendar and made plans for a  weekend of woodworking at the 360 Woodworking shop, which is just up the road (100 miles or so).

Building this piece can be wrapped up in a weekend. Finishing, however, is not in the mix. (That’s another weekend project.) And I suggest that you mill and glue-up the four leg blanks ahead of time if you’re looking to knock it out in two days.

Massive Leg Blanks

My table is built from ash. My supplier had plenty in stock, so I could buy widths and thicknesses that made the most sense for my project. I found a couple of pieces of 8/4 material that were just at 6” in width; those were perfect for the legs that finished at 5-1/2” square. Plus, I picked up two pieces of 6/4 that allowed for a three-board top and base panel.

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