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We headed out to meet with Ron Herman (woodworkingwithron.com) at his new shop to see what progress he had made, and to record a few things for upcoming issues. When we arrived at his place, we discovered that he had moved quite a bit from the old shop to the new. One of the items he carted to the new digs was a screw cabinet that I don’t recall seeing in the past.

(Fig. 1) My inspiration for this project came from Ron Herman’s cabinet full of hardware.

Of course, Ron’s cabinet was massive; he has more hardware than any 10 other woodworkers I know. As I stared at his cabinet there was something about the design and the simple construction that I liked. I knew I’d need to scale it down if I intended to put it to use in my shop and build it for an article. That’s not to say that you cannot upscale it for your needs. It’s easy to adapt these ideas to any cabinet size. (Fig. 1)

With a quick look at the project cut list, you’ll notice that the case sides and vertical dividers are 7/8” thick. I hear you moaning. While you can get away with thinner sides, it’s a gamble to slim down the dividers using this drawer arrangement.

Plowing 1/4”- deep dadoes for the drawer bottoms leaves a 3/8” section at the middle of each divider when the drawers are aligned across the cabinet. If you drop back to a 3/4” board, that middle section drops to 1/4″, and I think that’s too weak. If you’re dead set on using 3/4”-thick stock, I’d reduce the depth of the dadoes by 1/16”. I doubt this small change would cause problems.

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3 thoughts on “Splendid Screw Storage

  1. So awesome. I love the sample of wood for the faces – gives you something to do with all your cut offs and can be great for experimenting with different woods without a big commitment on a bigger piece.

    Sapele might be my favorite.

    1. You probably have the least bit of bias because we’re building your library out in Sapele. I’m just glad it wasn’t in BTU wood.

      1. “Steve Huey’s” only bias in the comment is sapele? 😀

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