Skyline Cupboard


Sometimes ideas pop into my head and get stuck there. This is one of those ideas. For a few years now I have wanted to build a small cupboard with doors showing a city skyline. The design has gone through a multitude of transformations, mostly in my mind. Even after I began the project there were changes along the way.

The highlight of the cupboard are the doors. They’re assembled from pieces of shop-cut veneer, but don’t let that cause you concern. (You can use commercial veneers if you like.) The pieces are a bit over a 1/16” in thickness so they act as solid wood for the most part. There is no double-bevel scrollsaw dance to learn. No complicated joinery to decipher. In fact, I built this piece without so much as a dovetail. My goal is to make the project easy from start to finish. I want you to have fun. I did.

As you read through the building process you’ll learn a few steps to make the work easier, and a couple of techniques that offset potential problem areas.

Screw the Carcase

The top and bottom of the cupboard attach to the two ends with screws. To add decoration to the exterior, I opted to include a slot through which I sank the middle screw. To my mind that’s way better than a series of three holes drilled with a pilot and countersink.

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One thought on “Skyline Cupboard

  1. Beautiful work and really great article.
    You make it easy for a guy to walk out to the shop and build the project.

    And, I always learn something from your projects.
    And that is why I joined and will continue to subscribe.


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