Gadroon Molding

Gadroon_OpenerOne of the two areas of woodworking I feel is necessary for every woodworker who wants to break out of the flat, square mold is carving. While you may not be ready, or willing, to jump into vine work and acanthus leaf carvings on your pieces, you can certainly spice them up with a simple-to-carve molding that gives a project punch – gadroon.

(Fig. 1) A few layout tools, four carving gouges, a V-parting tool and bench chisel are all that’s needed to produce gadroon molding.

If you’ve tried your hand at carving a Scallop Shell (from Issue 2), then you already have the basic skills necessary for gadrooning your project. This simple carved element looks like a twist or rope molding. It is usually applied to (or carved from the solid) edges of a case or chair, but can also be found on columns of tilt-top tables. And while it primarily shows up in high-style Chippendale pieces, there isn’t any reason you couldn’t add this decorative element to a far simpler piece, such as a small drop leaf table.

Carving a gadroon molding is fairly easy and offers a fun exercise to develop or improve your carving skills. And you don’t need to break the bank buying lots of carving tools. In fact, a fair amount of the carving can be done with a standard bench chisel, a couple of gouges and possibly a V-parting tool, depending on which type of gadroon you want to carve. (Fig. 1)

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3 thoughts on “Gadroon Molding

  1. Chuck,
    You are the Guru of Gadrooning !

    This is another example of why it’s smart to be a member of 360 Woodworking.

    Professional presentations on how to up your game.

    Thanks Chuck.

  2. Great video Chuck, looks like the old Acanthus Wood Shop. I’m thinking about doing this to the bottom of a fourteen foot frieze, if I have the time! Thanks, Best Regards, Sincerely, jt 360 ROCKS!

    1. Amazing what we can do with a green screen, isn’t it?

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