Elegant Bed Steps


As our family business began, we set up shop in two two-car garages. We often worked with the garage doors open when the weather allowed, even though we were in a residential neighborhood. During one particular stretch, we sold and built a dozen pencil post beds; the majority of which were in tiger maple.

Because it was Spring and the weather was splendid, we had the garage door wide. About every other day a neighbor passed by while out for his walk. On one of his trips, seeing us working on yet another bed, he walked up to the “shop” and asked how many beds we were building. My dad laughed as he replied, “It’s the same bed. We’re just trying to get it right.”

With each bed sold, our customers generally purchased a set of bed steps, too – the mattress top was often between 24″ and 30″ above the floor, so having a set of steps, for some of our clients, was essential. (One client purchased a set to make sure her aged dog could get up on the bed.)

We quickly discovered that these bed steps were easy to bang out, and they added to our overall sales. If you need a set of bed steps, or you’re looking for a product to increase your sales, this could be the answer.

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2 thoughts on “Elegant Bed Steps

  1. Great project! I like the curved detail on the sides, a nice touch.
    I made a similar set of steps so my wife could reach the high shelves in our closet, adding a tall post she could hold onto for stability. I can vouch for the fact that this project would look good in walnut as well.

  2. Nice project. I have did a couple years ago. One in tiger and a Shaker version hand dovetailed in cherry….still have both…Shaker used as a decoy display stand and the tiger as library steps.

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