Around the Shop with 360 WoodWorking – Episode 7

Spend some time “Around the Shop” with Chuck Bender and Glen Huey of 360 WoodWorking. Each Saturday the guys discuss shop tips and techniques as well as answer questions 360 WoodWorking members, podcast listeners, viewers and fans. Don’t miss an episode – subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

This week the guys talk about drawer bottoms – how they make them, how drawer construction evolved and lots of other stuff that will make you a drawer expert.

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2 thoughts on “Around the Shop with 360 WoodWorking – Episode 7

  1. Drawer Bottoms? Sorry Chuck, I go along with Glenn on this one. That was the way I learned long ago or was it possibly Glenn that reinforced my technique on drawers?


    That was an excellent blog entry Guys! Very informative and educational.

    I’ll try to refrain from drawer construction like those Newport hacks.

    Good work fellows.

    Charlie M.

    1. Charlie,

      Not to worry, I still like you, my friend…in spite of your agreement with Glen’s method.

      I could almost go along with the nail in the slot at the back of the drawer, except he says he glues the front edge of the bottom to the drawer front. Having repaired lots of drawers in my day, the ability to completely disassemble the drawer is often the only way to properly fix it. Having that drawer bottom glued into the groove in the drawer front is going to be problematic at some point, for someone. I’ll stick the the standard mid-18th century construction method of letting the bottom float in the groove and nailing it at the back. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close.

      Glad you enjoyed the conversation.

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