Around the Shop with 360 WoodWorking – Episode 2

Spend some time “Around the Shop” with Chuck Bender and Glen Huey of 360 WoodWorking. Each Saturday the guys discuss shop tips and techniques as well as answer questions 360 WoodWorking members, podcast listeners, viewers and fans. Don’t miss an episode – subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

This week’s episode centers around backboards. No, seriously – backboards. You might think it would be tough to do an entire show about backboards, but the guys roll through lots of historical information and talk about their favorite techniques for making and installing backboards in their projects.

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3 thoughts on “Around the Shop with 360 WoodWorking – Episode 2

  1. Good discussion guys. Thanks.

  2. A little clarification, please, on the beading location. I assumed that the beading would begin in the full thickness of the board where the rabbet/half-lap terminated and butted into the full thickness. Glen sort of implied a slightly different location, I think in a little from the junction. Basically, just a little too fast for a slow thinker. There wasn’t enough time to look at the picture included. (Yeah, I could have paused it but I was also watching the Tour de France.)

    1. Mitch,
      We’re OK being second to the TDF, as long as we’re your first woodworking site. If you would have stopped the video, you would have seen that you are exactly correct with the proper location for the bead. If you place a bead on any part of the rabbeted area, you have a problem somewhere in the pieces future. Beads go on the full-thickness of the board.

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