4 thoughts on “Apple Carrier

  1. Glen
    I have never seen anything like this, but who am I if not another woodworking knowledge junkie?
    The compartmentalized steps make them easier to follow than if they were all sequentially listed. Your analogy to PowerPoint was on point (no pun intended – maybe).
    I like it and look forward to more. Maybe mix it up a bit, too and throw a short video in there. Would’ve worked nicely with either a demo of cutting pins on bandsaw or hogging the waste out with the router.
    Nice job, thanks

  2. Glen
    One question; are the sides bottom edge also at a 45 degree angle to match the ends?

    1. Bob,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation. We’ve learned a lot from the comments made by you and other readers.

      The bottom edges of the sides also are angled, but the top edges are not. That angle, by the way, is 15° not 45°.

  3. Thanks for update Glen. I meant 15, but because of time miss-typed! haha
    Got another quick question. In taking Chuck’s “Dovetail” class I recall cutting pins first and then switching it up cutting tails first to see either method works! But we always had half-pins at the ends of the board and not half-tails. I guess that doesn’t matter because you did it and made it work, but would you mind just commenting on your style? Does it compromise strength of the joint or just semantics?
    Appreciate your time

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