All About Chisels

0402_Chisels_OpenerWe’ve all heard stories of how non-woodworkers have used chisels to open paint cans. Unfortunately, that’s the destiny of many of the chisels made today and in years past. I’ve also heard tales of chisels being used to cut #12 wire against a tree stump. (I’d hate to see the working end of that tool!)

Chisels are more than lengths of metal – some with wooden handles and some with plastic – used to sever wood fibers. In fact, this most-often used and highly underrated woodworking tool is designed for various woodworking tasks. Pick the task, then pick your chisel.

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2 thoughts on “All About Chisels

  1. Ron. Encyclopedic discussion of chisels! I learned a lot. Looking forward to the sharpening topic.

    1. Ron talked more on sharpening in his article titled, “Chisels: Know What You’re Buying” in issue #3. Here’s a link –


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