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~Class_ComboWe’re putting the finishing touches on the 360 Woodworking class schedule for 2016. In 2015 we ran only four classes. Because we’re so resistant to change (yeah, right) we’ve scheduled only four week-long classes for the upcoming year – we’ve also scheduled a host of weekend and two day classes. Plus, we have, in 2016, our first “outsider” coming into our shop to teach not one, but two classes. (“Stick” around for more information.)

Without spilling everything before we’re set, I’ll toss out a few hints on the projects we’ll cover. If you want to play along, make your guesses before the end of the week. We should post the class list by then, along with a bit of an incentive to sign up early.

The four week-long classes cover a variety of projects along with a week of fundamentals. Included is a project that has fancy legs and a shapely apron, but it’s not a card table. And that’s all I have to say about that.

We’ve scheduled a miniature of an iconic Pennsylvania chest that is slated to serve a completely different purpose; the work is exactly as it would be for a full-size version, but this project is much easier to take home at the end of the week. And you get to cover more ground and learn more woodworking because of its size. We think this project is a “silver” award winner.

Project number three of the week-long classes is more on the contemporary side of woodworking. There maybe be a couple of straight pieces in the project, but most everything is twisted or curved. At the end of this project, you’ll be able to reach even the highest shelf.

We’ve also decided to run a project build spread over three weekends – you have time to finish up any remaining work at home in your own shop. Yes, that’s homework. The project is great bedroom storage. It’s sure to leave you shaking (with joy, or your head side to side), and you may have a religious experience.

Thursday we’ll talk about our two-day and weekend classes, and we’ll reveal the true identity of our “outsider.”

If you want to make a couple of guesses, leave a comment below. Guess right and your name is entered to win a  360 Woodworking coffee mug. Four winners in all. Plus, we’ll make a 360 Woodworking Enthusiast out of the first person to get each of the projects named correctly. We’ll be watching closely.

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6 thoughts on “Add a Little Class to Your Holiday

  1. I would guess that number three is an esherick stair. Is Ron your guest teacher?

    1. What? You don’t have three other guess? And by the way, you are incorrect about our outsider, although we have talked with Ron about teaching a few classes in our shop as he renovates his new teaching digs.

      1. A Connecticut Lowboy, Pennsylvania House Silver Chest, Esherick Step Stool, and a Shaker Chest of Drawers?
        But that’s just from attempting to find old classes y’all have taught 🙂

        Maybe Bob will teach?

        1. Oops. On your second shot, you have some correct and missed hard on another. And Bob teaching was off the target completely.

  2. 1. A CT lowboy
    2. A Chester County, PA silver chest
    3. A contemporary step stool – maybe Escherick design
    4. Shaker blanket chest

    The outsider is Rob Millard, of course.

    1. Oooh, sooorrry…

      You got some, but missed others. And Rob is another person we’ve talked with about teaching here, but he is not our mystery guest.

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