AAW Elects David Heim to Board

6-dh-head-shot Congratulations to 360 Woodworking contributor, David Heim. David was recently elected to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) board of directors.

Along with David,  Greg Schramek and Molly Goodfellow Winton were elected. Greg is the current board president who won re-election, and Molly is a professional wood turner from Edmonds, Washington.

David hopes to work with the Publications and Membership committees. Plus, he plans to be more involved with Turners Without Borders (TWB). He has already worked with TWB, organizing a project in conjunction with another nonprofit known as GreenWood to use a human-powered lathe to help people in a remote village in Honduras learn how to turn wooden mallets that they will sell in North America.

More recently, TWB has provided advice and woodturning tools to help a fledgling group in Argentina launch a woodworking community, which has organized a woodturning symposium – slated for November – along the lines of the events that AAW conducts each year.

As for future plans here in the United States, David writes, “This is an exciting time for the AAW as it rolls out some major changes under the umbrella heading of Vision2020. The changes will affect the organization’s publications as well as the relationship between the AAW and the 350 local turning clubs that are also AAW chapters.”

We’re sure that the American Association of Woodturners and its members will benefit greatly from David’s passion and involvement.

— Glen D. Huey

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