A long time coming

Having spent quite some time working on a new website for the cabinet shop, the time has come to begin rolling it out. 

For those who’ve visited my cabinet shop website in the past (as opposed to the school website) you may have noticed it was lacking in many ways. First off, it has tons of photos of the furniture I’ve made throughout the years. And while that may seem like a good thing at first, one merely needs to look at the photos to see how much more I needed to learn about Photoshop. I assure you, the photos are MUCH better now. They are also click-able so you can see larger versions. In the days to come, there will be additional detail photos added to many of the pieces featured on the site.

Second, the html site was rather hard to navigate. Once you got to the pages with the furniture, it was difficult to go back to a section and look at similar pieces and it was nearly impossible to return to the index to change from one form to another. This has all changed. There are easy to follow links below the heading banner as well as a permanent link box on the left side of any page. This allows you to easily move from furniture form to furniture form without difficulty.

Lastly, the html website just didn’t allow me to add photos and descriptions as easily as I wanted. The new site is extremely versatile. Many of the pieces have descriptions and there are others to follow in the days to come. Additional pieces will be added as soon as I wrap up color correction in Photoshop.

The html site will still be available for a while for those who would like to frustrate themselves trying to navigate it.

Without further delay, feel free to check out the new website (using the link below) and let me know what you think. I’m looking for ways to continue improving the site so, suggestions are very welcome.



Thanks for frequenting the blog. We will return to other subjects in the posts in the very near future.

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One thought on “A long time coming

  1. Looks great, Chuck!! Especially the Moses Bayley Highboy!! You know I love that piece!!

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