A Departing Founder

It’s inevitable that people change positions in the work world – desires change, drive fades or new ideas beckon. And so it is with 360Woodworking.com.

As of April 1, 2017, Chuck Bender, a founding member of the team, has moved on from 360Woodworking. As you may expect, I’m saddened by his departure. I’ll miss – hell, we’ll all miss – his camaraderie and his vast woodworking knowledge. I’m sure that whatever he chooses to do as his next step in life will be special. I wish him all the best. I encourage you to do the same.

As for the company, it continues to move forward. And as it does, you can expect more great presentations from the vast array of current authors and even a few new authors slated to join the team later in the year. Plus, 360Woodworking.com continues to develop new ideas and ways to present woodworking to its members and to the woodworking community at large.

— Glen D. Huey

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14 thoughts on “A Departing Founder

  1. Chuck,
    I wish you the very best in whatever road you follow. It was a real pleasure meeting you and Glen at a woodworking show in Minnesota. You helped me cut my 1st dovetail!
    Kevin Maloney

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo. We’ll miss you Chuck. I hope you stay in the woodworking field so we can still follow you and learn from you.
    Best of luck and God Bless.


  3. I knew something was up – no projects from Chuck for last 3 -4 months. Bummer for sure.

    Chuck you are a fabulous craftsman and instructor. I wish you the best!

  4. I find it difficult to believe. I never thought Glen and Chuck would part ways.
    I hope he will stay in touch. I like 360 and the presentations . We will alll miss Chuck.
    Keep up the good work Glen and Ron.

  5. Very sad to hear the news that Chuck is leaving 360. Will never forget his private lesson to me on hand-cut dovetails given at a woodworking show some 4 years or so past. Bought the video and have never looked back. He would be proud of how well his lesson took. Best to you Chuck and to Glen, keep on truckin’.

  6. Hi Chuck,
    You are the guy that has taught and inspired me the most over the years. What I have learned from you has been invaluable. I’m hoping that somewhere in the future I will again be able to gain from your skills and knowledge.


  7. Chuck,
    Whaaaaat???? Are you crazy or what?

    Best of luck in you future endeavors.

  8. Best wishes to Chuck in his new endeavors……and best wishes to 360 Woodworking. A great talent will be missed.

  9. WHY?????

  10. Chuck,
    Wishing you all the best in whatever fork in the road you take. I hope to see you around!


  11. Hard to believe Chuck is leaving. I had the pleasure of having Chuck as a teacher when he lived in Pottstown, Pa. I have become a really good woodworker thanks to his teachings.
    For all the woodworkers out there, I hope he stays around to teach us some more.
    Good luck chuck. Please let us know your next career
    Bill thompson

  12. Best of luck to you, Chuck, wherever you go. And best of luck to you, Glenn, trying to run 360Woodworking on your own.

  13. Very sad for Chuck to leave 360. He was a really fun guy and knew is stuff when it came to
    woodworking. His videos were always great and easy to understand as well as Glens.
    I never understood why he never made a video on the Shinto rasp. Glen will have to explain. The best to you Chuck

  14. Best wishes for the future Chuck!!
    I was very fortunate to live close to Pottstown, while you were still teaching there!!
    Thanks for all the great lessons and making it look easy.
    Hope to see you again soon..

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