A Clever Idea

IMG_0676We met many of our members during the 3-1/2 months that we traveled The Woodworking Shows – that’s a part of the reason we do the shows. Of course, it’s also to teach the seminars, answer woodworking questions and sign-up new members. If you signed up a t a show, we handed you a freebie T-shirt as an additional thank you for joining

During our travels we ran into Kevin Miller (shown at the left). We met Kevin in Atlanta, but his home is in Ohio. He’s just about 20 minutes from our shop. Why Kevin stands out in my mind is because he was the only person we signed up that asked us to sign his T-shirt. What? Sign his T-shirt? Now that’s a clever idea.

Because we are off the road at this time, and because we have a few extra T-shirts on hand, anyone who joins 360 Woodworking at the FANATIC level from Tax-day Monday (4/18) through the end of the month of April gets a T-shirt sent their way – what better way to put some of your tax-refund money to work.

Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. T-shirt supplies are limited. (After you get confirmation of your order, email me and I’ll get your T-shirt on its way.)

And if you want us to sign your shirt, too, we’ll be happy to do so. Let me know.


— Glen D. Huey

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4 thoughts on “A Clever Idea

  1. Hi Chuck and Glen,
    I got one of your T-shirts at the Woodworking show in Minnesota, but I didn’t get it autographed. I still wear it often and I’m a big fan of 360 Woodworking!
    It was a real pleasure meeting the two of you in person. I got to meet Tom Casper in person too which was pretty cool too!

  2. I proudly wear my shirt to my Guild meetings.
    360 Woodworking rocks the house !

  3. Hi guys,

    I’ve been a member since day one and alas no t shirt at all! Joining again doesn’t make much sense to me and my health (ALS) prohibits traveling it seems any place except to my doctors. And isn’t even drive myself then as well!
    So what do you say? Let me buy a shirt, what do you say? I wear t shirts every day so one can never have enough.

    Thanks for every thing


    1. Michael,

      Because you were the first to contact us about a T-shirt, we’ll happily send one to you. (Other members take note: Regularly reading 360 Woodworking and posting comments here and there could land you exciting swag, too.)

      As for buying a T-shirt. We should get them into our store shortly. Keep checking back.

      Michael, send me your shirt size and confirm that your postal address is the same as when you signed up, and I’ll get the T-shirt out in the mail as fast as possible.

      Thanks for being a member.

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