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If you’ve lost track of the 360 With 360 Woodworking podcast, the current release is the perfect episode with which to catch up.  Or if you have yet to discover these podcast, this episode is best to begin your journey into podcasting.

The 360 With 360 Woodworking podcast began its run in October of 2014. The decision to podcast was a lark. The company was new, podcasts were starting to catch on so we made the call to give it a try. The next 224 episodes were mainly the principals at 360 Woodworking spouting off about various woodworking topics. We would, on occasions, have a guest join us to share their views.

Beginning with episode #225, focus changed to having a guest on a regular basis. And the length of each podcast moved from six minutes (360 – get it?) to 12 – 15 minutes, the perfect length to listen to as you nosh at the office, walk the dog at night or on your ride to and from work. 360 With 360 Woodworking is now on episode #234. If our podcast is new to you, there are many topics to discover.

Why So Special?

Photo from CTFineFurniture.com

So why is the current episode worthwhile? This release is the third in a string of talks with Craig Thibodeau, a tremendous woodworker who, in my mind, should be the definition of what a woodworker should be. Craig is constantly challenging himself to get better. He’s looking to expand his knowledge and experience with each project, and he’s pushing the craft into new areas. Craig’s table that includes automation should not be missed. (A YouTube search turns up more than a few videos.)

He recently completed a piece of furniture that is, in itself, a puzzle. Plus, he’s starting another piece for the same customer. The owner has to puzzle his way through various steps to open drawers and collect pieces that will eventually be assembled as a key to open and disclose the last compartment.

Throughout the conversation, Craig talks about Roentgen Furniture, pieces that he has built or plans to build and how he puzzles through designing his furniture. It’s a great 360 With 360 Woodworking podcast.

To see more of his work – his uses of veneer and inlay are outstanding – look up his website, CTFineFurniture.com and his Instagram page @ctfinefurniture

— Glen D. Huey

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