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3heads500px_7816You heard that right. After weeks (or is that months?) of preparation, the website is finally open for you to look around. The sample presentation, video and course are done (you can find the presentation here, the video here and the course here). We’ve got our first podcast up and ready for you and the place is mostly polished up. If you run into anything that doesn’t work (or just isn’t right) email our webmaster at webmaster@360woodworking.com and we’ll get it cleaned up ASAP.

The primary thing we want you, the woodworker, to keep in mind is what 360 WoodWorking offers that no other source can; knowledge based on centuries worth of real, hands-on experience. 360 Woodworking is truly your trusted resource when it comes to all things woodworking. You’re benefitting from each content producer’s decades of full-time experience testing and honing their craft. We know which methods work and why. We also know where the pitfalls are because we’ve stumbled through a few ourselves, and we can help you avoid them (or we can at least point them out and help you through them should you stumble into them too).

In the coming weeks you’ll find fresh woodworking content being added frequently. You’ll see blog posts and podcasts regularly and even full presentations being published as we add to our content library. The best part is, through December 31, it’s all free. That includes all the presentations that constitute our first “issue” of what you’ll find on the members side of the site come January, 2015.

And, while timing of the release of the presentations will be different in January, the content will be similar to what you’ll find in “issue” #1 when it is released on December 15th. There are multiple presentations that are technique, or interest, based that are smaller in size but still packed with tons of great information. There are also several complete project builds that will be part of the December 15 release – all designed to help you improve your woodworking skills while providing you with a project you’ll be proud to show off in your home (or give as a gift).

In January the weekly release of presentations for members begins, but that doesn’t mean the free content ends. There will still be regular blog posts, podcasts, presentations, videos and courses available to everyone.

Behind the membership wall you can expect weekly presentations, blog posts, videos and/or courses that will help you grow as a woodworker. Some will be small projects that introduce new skills or are just plain fun to build. Others will be skill-building exercises to help you hone your craft, while others will be in-depth looks at the workshops and practices of some of the best craftsmen in the country. We’ll also have behind the scenes looks at museums, exhibits and points of interest. And all of it will be served up in our cross-media presentation style – large, readable text with clear photos that are big enough for you to see the details and video right where it’s needed to clarify things.

We’re happy you’re here. So, welcome! Make yourself at home and take a look around, but come back often because this site will be growing daily.

— Chuck Bender, woodworker and content producer


Check out this video to find out what 360 WoodWorking is all about! 

And if you like what you see and want to climb on board, you can subscribe below!

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6 thoughts on “360 WoodWorking is Open!

  1. Great examples of how you’re using technology to teach woodworking! Look forward to the first issue in December.

    1. Looking forward to learning more about woodworking.

  2. Welcome to the fray. I’ve been enjoying many sites for a couple of years now and adding another is always good in that different perspectives seem to inspire learning. I’m looking forward to your first release.


    “A really good woodworker knows how to hide or feature his / her mistakes”

  3. I’m so excited for you!!! Good luck and I can’t wait to get started….

  4. Hi, guys, and good luck. I’ll be subscribing shortly. I just listened to your podcast on hollow mortising chisels and disagree with you on the drill press attachment. (Go, Frank!!) I think it was Tom Johnson at the American Woodworking website (sound familiar, Glen?) who showed how to effectively and easily set-up the attachment using plywood guides. I’m sure the leverage is not as good as a dedicated one (nothing is on the drill press for me; I’m short) but it works fine. The bench top version is a waste since it cannot easily move the wood left to right as with a floor model, so why bother. My problem is one of space, not money. Maybe someday for the floor model. But you must polish the sides of the chisels that come with the attachment when new because of the extensive scratches on them. Can’t go through peanut butter otherwise. And Bob Van Dyke at CVWS believes it’s alright to work with 3 sided support for the chisel, so perhaps you should have him on for a further view of 2 or 4 sided support. And, please, improve the audio on your podcasts. You sound like you’re in a telephone booth. (You guys are old enough to know what I’m talking about.) L’chaim.

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