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360 Woodworking Bob Lang
Bob Lang

When Glen, Chuck and I decided to start 360 WoodWorking we went back to basics so that we could create great woodworking content in a format that made sense in the digital age. Paper, ink, newsstand sales and an issue arriving every other month in your mailbox were no longer constraints. You can read more on the topic at our “About Us” page.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be rolling out the first “article” of our first “issue”, and you’ll see a new article every day until the entire issue is available. This premier release will be free, and will continue to be available for free as our way of introducing our content to the woodworking world. It’s a good representation of what our subscribers can expect to see.

360 Woodworking Glen Huey
Glen D. Huey

After January 1, 2015 this type of content will only be available to subscribers. Next year, we will release six “issues”, about every 8 weeks. But we aren’t going to make you wait two months and then dump everything in your lap. Our subscribers will enjoy a fresh presentation (we don’t mind if you call it an article), video or online class every week. When we reach the end of the cycle, subscribers will see a “major release” of several project articles. In each issue cycle, there will be loads of content; articles on techniques, visits to interesting places, information from experienced and entertaining woodworkers and great project builds.

Our first “free issue” contains eight articles and more than 100 pages of advertising free content. Plus, we thought releasing it this way would make the point that there will be a constant stream of content for our subscribers. What you’ll see each day in the next week is typical of what you’ll see each week next year.

360 Woodworking Chuck Bender
Chuck Bender

If you’re asking yourself “Okay, how do I subscribe?” CLICK HERE

If you’re not quite ready to sign up, that’s why we’re giving away an entire issue for free. We think you’ll enjoy what we (and our contributors) produce and the format in which we present it. If you’ve enjoyed our work in print magazines, books, videos, online and in classes you’ll find our unique combination of presenting solid woodworking information in a variety of formats a refreshing change and an excellent value.

All of our articles will be presented as as online versions that you can read anywhere you have an internet connection and as PDF files you can download (most have embedded video). You’ll have to check back to see exactly what’s coming, and the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to sign up for our newsletter, or become a paid subscriber. The following pictures will give you some clues.

Detailed drawings are included with every project, ready for you to print and take to the shop.
360 Woodworking MortiseTenon
Clear illustrations and in depth explanations can be found for basic, intermediate and advanced woodworkers.
360 WoodWorking Web Presentation
360 WoodWorking online articles include the complete text, drawings and video content.
In our PDF presentations you can view thumbnails of each page and quickly find what you’re looking for, including embedded video content.

Check back tomorrow, sign up for our newsletter and subscribe today.

–Bob Lang


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4 thoughts on “360 WoodWorking First Issue – Rolling Release

  1. Hello there.

    You are telling us there will be one presentation (article / video / whatever) every week throughout the year? And you three people will manage to throw out all that content? How on earth can you do that? Will you work 29 hours per day?

    Do I need to worry about your health? 🙁

    Good luck

    Mr Blau

    1. No need to worry, but if you subscribe and get your friends to subscribe we’ll be able hire some help and cut back to 23 hours a day.

      1. Mr blau I think I can offer an explanation.
        While waiting for a class to begin At the first Woodworking in America I struck up conversation with a blogger who is – in the know. When Bob Lang entered the room the connected guy looked at me seriously and said – that man is a wizard. Thinking back now It’s possible he was not speaking metaphorical (I can be so naive) . As for Chuck, I have no proof but. It is strange. There were no mirrors at the Acanthus Workshop school. Lastly everybody knows Glen is quadruplets. Don’t they?

  2. Sounds great so far. Now just see if you can do it. I wish you all the luck in the world and next year you can sleep for at least 1 night.
    Larry C

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