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Whether you’re new to 360 WoodWorking or you’ve been here since the beginning, there are probably some questions for which you need answers. This post is where you can come to find the answers. We will continue to add to the content of this post, so if you come up with a new question check here first for the answer. If there’s nothing in this post pertaining to your question, or you need more clarification than we’ve provided here, feel free to email 360@360woodworking.com.

Let’s get started.

  • The Basics
  • What is 360 WoodWorking?

    360 WoodWorking is an fully online woodworking content provider. The idea is to provide the most comprehensive information about woodworking projects, techniques and areas of interest through a multi-media platform of photos, text and video.  360 WoodWorking covers a wide variety of topics and subject areas with contributions from a broad selection of experienced craftsmen.

  • What makes 360 WoodWorking different from traditional print magazines?

    Articles are written and produced by woodworkers for woodworkers. And are not limited to text and photos – we include video where (and when) necessary to illustrate the point.


    Additionally, there are no page limits, which allows 360 Woodworking to tell the entire story – print magazines just can't give you every important detail to help guide you to become a better woodworker. Being an online woodworking content provider allows us to explain the details of a project build or technique and to tell the complete story. Plus, articles can also link to additional details in other content published on our site, or on the web.

    "If you want to learn how to do something well, find someone who does it better than anyone else and get them to teach you."


    Subscribers to 360 WoodWorking have the leg-work done for them. Our content producers have real-world experience. They are successful, professional woodworkers who are passionate about their craft and want to share their experience with you.

  • You refer to members. What’s the cost of a membership?

    The best way to learn about memberships is to click here, where you can select to become a Fanatic, or join as a free member.


    Keep in mind that, for Fanatic members, all our issues are free of advertisements. It’s all woodworking content.  In addition, being advertiser-free allows us to inform you about which products we like and use, and which ones we don’t (and why.)


    At the Free Membership level, you'll gain access to a few articles from the back issues of 360 WoodWorking. This allows you to see what 360Woodworking articles are all about, as well as how they are laid out and published. And the best part is it's free! All you have to do is register for the free membership (click here to sign up), login and enjoy the best woodworking information available on the web.

  • What should I expect when I become a member?

    360Woodworking publishes eight to ten Online Courses per year – projects presented as a series of lessons that guide you step-by-step through the entire project, each containing a short video. Other articles (up to six per year) are presented between course releases. These articles are generally video based.


    Along with the new presentations released throughout the year, Fanatic members have full access to articles previously published, and you can download and save those articles in your very own woodworking archive – you can save them even when you're no longer enjoying 360Woodworking presentations. Some articles are entirely video based – you'll have access to the interactive PDF downloads so you can read the articles and watch the videos even if you're not connected to the internet – while others are solely text with photos. The idea is to use the best method to convey the information.

  • Do I have access to articles published prior to the start of my membership?

    Absolutely. Currently, we are not restricting access to content produced prior to the start of your membership, with the exception of  any limited time offerings made to members. Some content is offered to members with a limited-access window. Once that window closes, the content is no longer available.

  • The Specifics
  • Now that I’ve become a member, what’s next?

    First, you need to ensure that you are logged into your account. If you click on the “My Account” tab in the navigation bar and you see “Hello” and your username at the top of the page with your account details listed below, you’re logged in. If you see login and registration boxes, you are not.


    Once logged in, the best way to access articles is to use the "Index" tab. There you can see every presentation listed by Project, Technique, Woodworking Interest or Author. Simply click on the presentation in which you're interested.

  • I keep getting directed to the “Memberships” page – what am I doing wrong?

    Chances are, you aren't logged in. Click here to go to the "My Account" page and see above to know if you are logged in or not. If you are logged in and are still being directed somewhere other than where you are trying to go, email or call (513-443-6637) us for assistance.

  • How do I download a PDF version of the article?

    For 360Woodworking Fanatics, there is a link at the end of the article that reads, “Click here to download the PDF (with or without embedded video).” That's it. The PDF should start downloading to your computer.


    Where the file is saved on your computer is up to you (see your computer’s documentation to learn how to change the location of where the file is saved).


    If you don't see the link, you either need to login, or register as a Fanatic.



  • I’ve downloaded the PDF, but the video won’t play. What am I doing wrong?

    There are two possibilities to consider. First, you may have downloaded the PDF without the embedded video. Make sure you have downloaded and are trying to open the correct file.


    Second, you need to open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader for the video to play. If you are viewing the PDF in your web browser, the video will not play.

  • If I cancel my membership, what happens to the PDFs I’ve downloaded?

    Absolutely nothing. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, it is yours to keep forever. What you cannot do is pass the PDF on to anyone else — all 360 WoodWorking content is protected by international copyright law.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Once you’ve logged in, go to the “My Account” page where you will see your subscription.


    To the right you’ll see (under the heading “Actions”) the word “Cancel.” Click on it and you will cancel your subscription.


    If you are unable to see the word "Cancel," send an email to glen@360woodworking.com prior to your renewal date to terminate your membership. Messages after your renewal date will cancel your membership upon the next upcoming renewal. Your account will stay active until the end of your paid term (one year from the date you joined).


    If you used PayPal to pay for your subscription, you have one more step to perform. Log into PayPal to cancel the recurring payment in your account (see the PayPal website for current instructions).


    Your subscription will remain active until the end date, but will not automatically renew for an additional time period.

  • I've joined, but I don't want an automatic renewal on my membership. What do I do?

    Our memberships are set up with automatic renewal for your convenience. If, however, you want to handle it yourself all you need to do is follow the instructions for cancelling your membership. Your account will stay active until the end of your pre-paid term (one year from the date you joined).

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6 thoughts on “360 WoodWorking FAQ

  1. Where are these Hand’s On Classes being taught? I can’t find that information anywhere in your e-mail or on your site?

    Thank you,


    1. Peter,

      Thank you for asking. When we have the classes open to everyone, the main page lists the address. We teach our classes here at our office and shop in West Chester, Ohio. We are just outside the I-275 beltway around Cincinnati, two exits north on I-75.
      The address is 6843 Lakota Plaza Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069.

      Hope to see you there in 2016.

  2. I haven’t figured out how to add my photo to my profile. Where can I do that?

    — Norm

    1. Norm,

      Our site uses your Gravatar image automatically, as long as it is associated with the same email account. If you hover on my image, you’ll see a link to “View Complete Profile” click it and you’ll not only get more of my story, but you’ll also see a link where you can “Sign Up” for a Gravatar of your own.

  3. Can someone help better understand the different “paths” to what I see are six different and maybe connected articles that are available on your website? I am obviously older and not too computer savy. I receive emails about new articles etc but I do not see them in my subscription page where there are supposed to be new articles, but when I attempt to locate them, all I get is the same ones I have previously looked over. I would be interested in knowing what the differences are in a blog, a podcast, Free member article, and a Triple T video. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble accessing articles. Let me run you through how get inside.

      Step #1 is to make sure that you’re logged in. Without logging in you can only see what a non-member can. But as you know, there’s more to read, watch and view.

      After you’re logged in, the easiest path is to hover your cursor over the “Members” tab at the far right of the home page. What drops down is all the areas you can go to because you are a member.

      If you slide over to the left to “Index” and click there, you’ll have all the articles presented in a month-by-month arrangement. Click on any article and it will fully open – if you are logged in.

      If you have a particular author, project or technique in which you’re searching, click on that particular tab to see the listings.

      When it comes to related or linked articles, generally the best place to find those is as you’re reading an article. If one of our articles refers to another article, there is a “link” in the text that is teal in color. Clicking that link opens the article to which the author referred.

      Again, if you are logged in, you can scroll down the homepage to get to the latest three articles presented. They are about at the middle of the page. Click on any one of the three and that article opens fully. You can also get to the latest podcast or blog by scrolling down the homepage.

      One more valuable reminder: at the bottom of each article is a link for a PDF of that article. Click the link to automatically download the PDF. Please remember that article containing video (it is embedded in the PDF) are large files and take time to download.

      If you have additional questions, please contact me. And thank you for being a member.

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